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GoGPayslip – We live in the era of digitization where everything is digital and is online. Things that are online can be accessed whenever we want and wherever we want to access them. Similar is the case with a Gogpayslip.


An Gog payslip is an Electronic payslip that accessed from anywhere in the world. It is just the electronic format of the offline payslip. Every detail of the paper slip is exactly the same as in gogpayslip epayslip online.

Many nations have already launched a portal for generating e-payslips or are looking forward to creating a mechanism that generates online epayslips. Recently, the Government of Ghana has launched an online portal GoGPaySlip to help government employees working in Ghana. You can learn more about the portal by reading further.

About GoGPaySlip Login

GoGPaySlip online portal launched by the Government of Ghana. This portal is designed to generate online epayslips for the government employees of Ghana.


This portal would let the government employees access their payslip data online. No matter wherever they are, if they have access to their user Id and password, employees can access they’re Your epayslip login.

Employees can download their e-payslips in PDF format and access it with the help of a PDF reader. Currently, many devices including smartphones and computers come with an inbuilt or previously installed pdf reader.

Once you have gogpayslip registration from the epayslip portal, you get notified about your e-payslips whenever they come on the consecutive months. The notification sent on your registered mobile number through SMS or on your registered email.

How To Access

You can follow the steps mentioned to generate your gogpayslip epayslip online:

  • If you are a first time user, to begin with registering yourself for payslip you must have a special registration code. You can get this gogpayslip registration code from your Head of Department.
  • Visit the official portal of GoGpayslip.
  • Upon the homepage, click on “Register for e-payslip”.
  • Enter all the details asked and submit the form.
  • Now the portal generates a user id and password for your registered account.
  • Using this created id and password, you can log in to the portal and access your e-payslip.
  • For accessing your gogpayslip e-payslip, you must have a pdf reader installed on your device.
  • In case you forgot the password for accessing your payslip, you can get assistance by clicking on “forgot your password “.
  • Enter all the details asked on the webpage and submit them.
  • You would get the assistance for accessing your password on your registered contact details.

Benefits Of GoGPaySlip Login

GoGPaySlip offers you following benefits by providing you an epayslip:

  • The e-payslip generated from GoG PaySlip is no different from an offline payslip. All the details along with the outlay of the payslip are the same as an offline one.
  • Safe and secure: The portal allows access to the payslip only to those who have their gogpayslip user id and password. This makes sure that only the authentic user or his authorized person has access to the payslip.
  • Please note that user id and password for an account can only be generated after successful verification from the head of the department. This means that everything is verified and completely secure.
  • For every login, you need to enter the user id and password associated with a specific account.
  • You can view your e-payslips for previous months too. Offline paper e-payslips are difficult to handle and to maintain a track of them. However, with GoGPaySlip you can access the e-payslips for previous months without any hassle.
  • GoG PaySlip makes it easier for you to access your payslip. This is because it lets you access the payslips from wherever and whenever you want. This means that instead of standing in long queues and waiting endlessly, you can generate the e-payslips by sitting at your home.
  • By releasing the portal, GoGPaySlip, the Government of Ghana has curbed the efforts and costs that incur during the sending of offline payslips to the employees.
  • GoGPaySlip lets the employee’s access e-payslips of previous months all in one place.
  • Since e-payslips are generated online, they are cost-effective and don’t use paper. This means that apart from being cost-effective, they are environment-friendly too.


The government of Ghana has launched an online portal, GoGPaySlip for the Government employees of Ghana to help them generate an online e-payslip. With the help of this portal, employees can access their payslips from anywhere in the world. All they need to have is a user id and password associated with their account and a pdf reader on their device.